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If you were shown

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Marketing can be very expensive and can take a large chunk of money right out of your profits, not to mention the hours it steals from you running your business and being able to see your family.

You work hard to try to make money by working your fingers to the bone but you get so frustrated because you’re not getting any sales. You’re paying for auto-responders, websites, buying email lists and web clicks and still have nothing to show for it.


Because you’re buying junk traffic – that’s just like throwing money down the drain. It’s easy and cheap to get this traffic – Email Lists, CPA Clicks and Exchange Services – but they just don’t work!

Many times over you are relying on these so called “traffic producers” in hopes that their list fits your business needs.

Let me ask you this…

How many times have you purchased a Solo Ad and made very little to no sales?

You may get a nice batch of options to your list but that is about it. Yes, you are happy initially just long enough to give that ad provider a gleaming review. But when the smoke clears you realize that you have a list of useless subscribers that are just taking up space on your list. This may even have you thinking that something is wrong with your own product, service and/or process. Now you may find yourself troubleshooting your funnel looking to fix something that is not even broken.

Even if you use Email Swap services,Traffic Exchanges, etc. Think about this:

How targeted is your audience? How much time did you invest compared to the money that was brought in? You could have spent that time and money building up your business internally or talking with well qualified prospects.

Yes, these services may have a lot of visitors to their sites but there is just one huge problem…

These people are not interested in your product or service!

  • They’re usually just freebie-seekers trying to make a little extra money on the side by giving their email address to the marketing companies. Or even worst their just Bots sucking up your hard earned money.
  • What your business needs is high quality visitors that are looking for what you have and there are millions of these people online right now.
  • Your biggest problem is trying to find and attract a lot of high-quality visitors that are ready, willing and able to buy your product or service. I know it can be expensive, frustrating and time consuming, but don’t throw in the towel just yet we have a solution...

Introducing “Specific Tap ”

This is our brand new marketing service where we send a flood of hot prospects straight to your website, at wholesale prices, ready and willing to purchase your product or service – on Auto-Pilot!

We do all the work

Review Your Product.

What could be easier?

Analyze and scale up your campaign ensuring you receive the highest quality traffic.

You make all the money

Produce a campaign tailored to your targeted custom audience

Here’s a quick rundown of how it works:

Yes, that’s right. We do all the heavy lifting. A few things that we do recommend to help you achieve the best results possible are

  • Google Analytics

    Or similar service so you can see the type of results your site is having and get an idea of how your customers are responding.

  • Tracking Link

    Allows you to monitor your results even see where the traffic is coming from. Lets you verify approximately where you stand with visitors received (Also good if you can’t get google analytics onto your site.

  • Capture/Lead Page

    Instead off sending visitors directly to the offer don’t let them escape without getting at least there email address. A lot of money has been made on the follow up.

  • Retargeting Pixel

    What better way to keep there mind on your business than to have your business occasionally pop up while they are on sites like ;Amazon, YouTube and Facebook.

  • Tracking Pixels

    Place these pixels inside of your Sales Funnel so you know information such as: How many people seen your product sales page, email optin, how many sales that were made and more.

We take care of all the details – You just sit back and make money!

You tell us about the product or service you’re selling using our custom Precision Profiling System. We buy bulk ad space from thousands of highly qualified and targeted marketing companies and we pass the price savings on to you. We then set up your campaigns and optimize your marketing to target specific audiences. Instead of risking your business and professional income on an inferior service, how about skipping all the mistakes and going with what works.

Using these tools can definitely help increase your understanding of your Sales Funnel and your customer base. You will know where your business excels and where it needs improvement.

Example: If you have tons of people going through your funnel but have not made a sale you can investigate that page. Maybe you have a broken link or other simple issues that you can rectify immediately.

  • "I want give a BIG THANK YOU. At first I was skeptical in using your service because I have been burnt before and did not want to repeat the cycle. After my 1st campaign  I was able to see an significant increase in traffic to my offer and my sales increased by 5x's compared to the other services I used. Specific Tap is a must for anyone looking to increase the quality of visitors to their business"

    My Sales Increased Melissa B.
  • "Specific Tap is the best traffic service I have received to date. Using my own tracking tools I was able to confirm their quality of traffic. I received more options than when I used a solo provider and made 52 sales! This is my go to traffic source. 2 Thumbs Up!"

    2 Thumbs Up Dwight J.
  • "The quality of I received from Specific Tap has not been matched by any other traffic source. I started with a special promo the quickly moved on to their main package."

    Quality Christina P.
  • " Reliable & Honest Service I was able to track all of my visitors and knew that they were indeed my target audience. I purchased Specific Taps Global Package and received 21,693K Visitors -  53 Front End Sales & 11 High End Sales. Super Happy"

    Super Happy Truong V.

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How Do We Guarantee Highly Targeted Visitors?

  Through our Precision Profiling System.

Once your order is completed you will be instructed to fill out a detailed profile of your companies niche. We need you to fill out as much of the details as you can. This will provide us a better understanding of your ideal customer and where our traffic methods should be focused. We will also look at the URL that you provided and discuss any feed back that we think is necessary to give you the best results.

Upon completion of the previous steps we will do further research of our own to enhance your marketing campaign.

We will then locate the best places to submit your offer and get your traffic started. We will continue to monitor your stats to ensure that you are getting quality traffic from our providers. If necessary we will make any adjustments in real time.

We’re Here To Help Your Business Needs

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