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Google Ads

Not all PPC ad management agencies are created equal. Our goal is to help your business grow as fast as possible by providing a high quality Pay Per Click service. Most PPC Ad management agencies get your campaigns and creatives wrong right from the beginning. Costing you more money, time and frustration from poor ad performance and high ad spend.

SpecificTap refuses to get distracted by offering ad services across different platforms resulting in delivering sub-par results. Our Agency focuses on Google Ads Management so we can provide you with the best PPC ad experience. 

We target your ideal audience with relevant campaigns based your desired goals. We also create highly effective ad copy to help you generate new business.

We thoroughly go over and setup your campaign with a virtual fine-tooth comb and provide you with the best service that we can. We believe in being great at one thing instead of okay in a lot of things.

Conversion Rate Optimization

(Landing Page Addon Service)
With our optional Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) addon service we focus our efforts on what your potential client/customer does after they click one of your ads. Simply put... with CRO we increase the chances of your campaign visitors performing your desired actions. 

With normal PPC creatives we split test your ads but with the CRO addon we split test your Landing Page(s). Our conversion rate optimization prices start from as low as $299.00 USD self-hosted & $399.00 USD if we host. Price is per 3 variations of a single Landing page.

B2B Prospect Finder

If you are looking for real MQL (Market Qualified Lead) then order our B2B prospects finder and we will take care of you.  You just provide us what you looking for and we will find your ideal prospects. This way you get a high quality list that you can work with. 

We filter millions of business at time of order in 500+ categories to find you your perfect B2B prospect. We guarantee that the information is at least 96% accurate at time of delivery. Prices can vary based on niche, location and criteria. EX: Attorneys in the United States would be cheaper than Attorneys in New York without a FB Page. 

Currently, we provide prospect  to you in batches of 100 and provide discounts to B2B prospect orders over 1k. Rest assure that if we cannot complete your full order, we will refund the difference back to you. Ex. You order 1k B2B prospects and you only receive 800 prospects we will refund you 20% of your purchase price.

* Market Qualified Lead (MQL) - a lead who is more likely to become a customer compared to other leads. 

SpecificTap Auditing Service

This service is for new start-ups, entrepreneurs and/or businesses that are not looking to take on a month-to-month PPC agency. We have made things simple for you to get the most bang for your buck without wasting hours on trying to "make" things work. 

What we offer is for our team to take a look at your project (Ad account or Landing Page). We then provide give you our advice on what we would change, keep and implement. This way you can make the changes a start seeing the same great results. As you and your business grow you can order our service whenever you feel stuck and we will help you out. 
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